Increase your sales without increasing your work!

All you have to provide is the prizes and somewhere to sit, we provide everything else! Hiring Nerdy Talk Trivia gets you:

Are you a sports bar or restaurant looking to increase your sales on a slow night? Let us help!

  • Our cost for a weekly trivia night is lower than almost all our competitors
  • We charge a flat rate that does NOT increase regardless of how successful your trivia night is
  • We don’t make you sign a long term contract

Or maybe you’re are company, organization, or group that needs a fun outing for your members?  Let us help! We provide the sound equipment, questions, and host so all you need to do is contact us!

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Average increase in sales at your establishment on otherwise slower nights.


Trivia locations happening every week.


Trivia questions specific to the clients’ demographics.

The Nerdy Talk Trivia Saga

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Nashville, Nerdy Talk Trivia changed the game for team trivia nights. Our hosts, questions, and format are different than the monotonous, boring trivia nights you are used to. No more “Who was the president of Uganda in 1912” questions coming from a host whose personality is even more outdated than the questions he/she asks. From pop culture to history, sports to fashion, science to music and everywhere in between, this trivia asks it all!Now offering Ballad Bingo, Opinionary (Family Feud Trivia), Battle Bingo, and Themed Trivia, Nerdy Talk Trivia has specialized in increasing the sales of sports bars, restaurants, pubs, and more since 2010. We also provide entertaining trivia nights for everything from corporate events to social mixers. Our forte` has been proving we are unique and better than trivia companies who have been doing the same, boring rounds of trivia for what seems like an eternity. Get your friends and come see the new style of live, team trivia!